The Amalfi Cathedral, known in italian as “Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea” or “Duomo di Amalfi” is one of the greatest points of interest of the whole city.

Dedicated to St. Andrew, the cathedral was originally divided in two different three-naves buildings: the first one, Basilica of SS. Crocifissmo, was built in 833, while the second one was built in 987, in order to form one great Cathedral, with five naves.

After almost three centuries, in 1276, the bell tower was completed. Over the years the Cathedral has been remoded a lot of times, with the last addition of the Cloister, in 1268.

After climbnig the majestic staircase, you’ll be face to face with the doors of the Cathedral, built in bronze in 1061. The cloister is composed by marble columns and in its center a mediterranean garden gives charme to the place.

Various kind of masterpieces are in the interior of the Cathedral, just like the 13th century crucifix or the frescos of “Christ Pantacrator”, “Madonna With Child” and “Crucifixion”.

For a complete visit you don’t have to miss the Crypt of St. Andrew.

The Amalfi Cathedral it’s must-see place if you enjoy the historic and cultural places.

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