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Clothes Positano Temptation

Temptation Positano

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Via Rampa Teglia, 3 | 84017 - Positano

Temptation Positano is a fashion boutique where you can find the real “Moda Positano”. The clothes are all Made in Italy just like every stage of the production.

There are several selling points throughout the world, but everything starts in Positano.

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Zi'Ntonio Wine and Food

Zi’Ntonio Wine and Food

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Via Luigi De Maio, 11 | 80067 - Sorrento

Zi’Ntonio Wine and Food is both a restaurant and a shop, where you can buy and bring with yourself the traditional mediterranean products, such as pasta, wine, marmalades or the typical lemon liquor of Sorrento: “Limoncello”.

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