Beaches of Vietri sul Mare

Vietri sul Mare is a sought-after vacation spot, renowned for its pristine sandy beaches and the transparent azure waters that grace its shores.

The town’s primary beach, Marina di Vietri, is bisected by the River Bonea. One section is dedicated to well-appointed beach clubs with designated parking facilities for visitors, while the other segment offers a free beach experience. Additionally, by utilizing a paid sea transport service, visitors can explore secluded coves that are otherwise inaccessible on foot.

  • Crestarella
    A private beach enclave sheltered by the iconic Torre Crespella. Nestled amidst the dramatic sea cliffs, this tranquil sandy and pebbly cove is bathed in turquoise waters. To ensure an intimate and comfortable atmosphere, the beach restricts the number of visitors and closes once the maximum capacity is reached, making it an ideal haven for couples seeking serenity.
  • La Baia
    An expansive 400-meter-long sandy shore, offering a range of amenities including beach clubs and dining options, while also featuring a free-access section.
  • Marina di Albori
    The beach of Albori, a picturesque hamlet of Vietri sul Mare. This charming spot consists of a small inlet with two petite beaches, accessible via a pathway starting from the village of Raito and a lengthy staircase leading to the sea.

Vietri sul Mare

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Places of interest

Villa Comunale of Vietri sul Mare

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