Cetara beaches

Cetara, a picturesque fishing village on the Amalfi Coast, offers a range of charming beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sea and Mediterranean atmosphere.

Relax on the pebbles, swim in the clear waters and soak up the natural beauty of these unique beaches. Whether you’re looking for a lively beach or a tranquil retreat, Cetara has something to offer all sun and sea lovers. Get ready to immerse yourself in the Mediterranean atmosphere and relax on Cetara’s picturesque beaches, hidden gems of the Amalfi Coast.

  • Marina Beach
    This is the main beach, which has always been the soul of the village and an ancient meeting point for fishermen. The beach is around 90 meters long, with a sandy and a pebbled section. The beach is also surrounded by a number of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local specialties, including fresh seafood, to round off your day at the beach. Facing south-east, the beach is sunny even in the afternoon.
  • Port beach
    This small pebble beach is close to the lively port of Cetara. It offers a picturesque atmosphere and the chance to enjoy the view of colorful boats passing by. Although the beach is small, it’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying the harbor atmosphere. You can also find bars and restaurants nearby to refresh yourself with drinks and local specialities. In this part of the sea, the water is clear, thanks to the movement of currents that help clean out impurities. During the summer months, the beach has a small bathing establishment overlooking Collata Bay.
  • Lovers’ beach
    Nestled between steep cliffs, the lovers’ beach (spiaggia degli Innamorati) offers a romantic and intimate atmosphere. This small pebble beach is ideal for couples looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. You can soak up the peaceful atmosphere while admiring the panoramic sea views. The cove is surrounded by steep cliffs, is very small and can only be reached by sea from the nearby port of Cetara.
  • Tuoro Vecchio Beach
    It’s a small beach close to the ancient village of Tuoro, hence the name. The Plage du Tuoro Vecchio is a pebble beach offering panoramic views of the sea and surrounding cliffs. It’s a quiet, peaceful spot, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. The beach is surrounded by unspoilt nature, adding to its natural charm. The beach is managed by the owners of Hotel Cetus and is only accessible by land from the hotel, while by sea it is easily reached by boat or even by swimming, as it is about 50 meters from Lannio beach.
  • Lannio Beach
    Located at the entrance to the town from Vietri, it can be reached via a slope near the Tower. Approximately 110 meters long, it is almost entirely made up of sand, with the exception of the last few meters where there is a series of small flat rocks much appreciated by the bathers who frequent this beach.


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