Beaches of Nerano

With its warm, crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming from early April to late October, the allure of Nerano beaches remains timeless.

Adjacent to the main beach, a short footpath leads to the beloved Recommone beach, a favorite among visitors of all ages. Although the hike to the Bay of Ieranto may be challenging, the rewards are well worth it.

Marina del Cantone

Marina del Cantone is a spacious beach offering free areas, bathing facilities, and seaside restaurants perched on platforms above the sea.

Sheltered from the winds by the surrounding mountains, this south-facing beach provides a welcoming escape from late March to late October.

The water is consistently pristine and refreshing. Notably, the sun sets over the left side of the beach, almost an hour later than the right side, often referred to as “The Germans’ Beach.”

Beaches of Nerano, Marina del Cantone
Beaches of Nerano, Ieranto bay

Ieranto bay

Ieranto bay lies at the end of a scenic footpath leading from Nerano towards the juncture of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrentine Peninsula.

Situated on the eastern side of Campanella Point, this location was so revered by the Ancient Greeks that they constructed a temple here.

Subsequently, the Ancient Romans repurposed the temple as a place of worship dedicated to the Goddess Minerva. The footpath, originating in Nerano, spans approximately 2 kilometers and takes just over an hour to traverse.

However, the return journey, especially uphill, is considerably more time-consuming and should be avoided during the sweltering midday hours. Ieranto Beach is nestled within a charming cove, directly facing the legendary Faraglioni rock formations of Capri.


A brief, 10-minute stroll from Marina del Cantone takes you to Recommone Bay, a picturesque cove protected from the wind.

Here, you’ll find the Conca del Sogno, a charming restaurant and bathing establishment.

The bay is also home to two caves: the Grotta di Recommone and the Grotta dei Pescatori, both offering a cool respite for holidaymakers during the hottest hours of the day.

Beaches of Nerano, Recommone

Massa Lubrense

: places of interest

Places of interest

Cala di Puolo in Massa Lubrense

Places of interest

Marina della Lobra in Massa Lubrense

Places of interest

Nerano in Massa Lubrense

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