Marina della Lobra in Massa Lubrense

Marina della Lobra is an hamlet close to Massa Lubrense, a fishing village with a small harbor and a beach.

The latter more than the beach, is a collection of rocks and limestone cliffs, difficult to deal with for those who can not swim, but that ensure crystal clear waters and rare beauty. Various establishments offers sun beds and umbrellas, it is also possible and recommended to rent a typical fishing boat from Sorrento to visit the small coves and beaches in the area, accessible only by sea.

Nestled in a natural cove along the coast lies Marina della Lobra, an ancient fishing village where history and charm seamlessly intertwine. Dominated by the majestic Lobra Sanctuary, which lends the village its name, Marina della Lobra is a picturesque tapestry of multicolored houses, echoing the lives of fishermen who have called this place home for generations. As you wander through the village, each step down the church steps towards the sea unveils a vibrant spectacle of sounds, colors, and scents, all embodying the quintessential Mediterranean allure.

Located merely 2 kilometers from the center Massa, Marina della Lobra is easily accessible. A leisurely 15-minute stroll down Via Colombo or a short drive via Palma from Largo Vescovado will lead you to this coastal haven. For those seeking a scenic route, a pedestrian path from the village winds its way to the San Montano Riviera. In the summer months, the village transforms into a bustling hub for seafarers and explorers. Boats regularly set sail for tours along the stunning Lubrense coast, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast.

While Marina della Lobra may not boast a traditional beach, the cliffside offers a unique swimming experience, complemented by a solarium on Via Chiaia. During peak season, it becomes an ideal retreat for those seeking a quieter seaside escape. The charm of the locale is further enhanced by delightful restaurants and bars, perfectly positioned for a breathtaking sunset view over the sea.

Historical echoes

The Lobra port, a symbol of the village’s rich history, is safeguarded to the west by a cliff abutting the rocky facade of Capo Corbo.

Here stands the historic Torre Toledo, a remnant of the Saracen watchtowers from the Aragonese period, originally an Angevin structure later repurposed for defense. About nine kilometers southwest of Sorrento, this historic marina has been a cherished retreat since Roman times. Notable figures like Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, son-in-law of Emperor Augustus, graced these shores, contributing to its storied past.

Perched above the marina is the 16th-century Santa Maria della Lobra church, an architectural marvel with roots in Roman history. Its intricate 17th-century ceiling, cloisters, and 18th-century majolica floor speak volumes of its historical significance. Today, Marina della Lobra, though embraced by modern amenities like hotels and restaurants, retains its original charm and unspoiled beauty.

The rock of Vervece

Just off the coast, the distinctive Rock of Vervece emerges, a sacred marine sanctuary.

Annually, a poignant ceremony commemorates those lost at sea, with divers presenting a laurel wreath to the submerged statue of Madonnina del Vervece, established in 1975 by Enzo Maiorca, a renowned freediver. The surrounding waters, now part of the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella established in 1997, teem with diverse marine life, showcasing a thriving example of marine conservation.

How to get here

  • By car: Reachable via Via Palma from Largo Vescovado, with parking available at the road’s end or designated blue zones.
  • Public transport: SITA buses from Sorrento or Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi offer limited services to Marina della Lobra. Checking the schedule in advance is recommended.

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