Castel of Montalto in Tramonti

Built on the rocky promontory nestled between the Tramonti valley and the territory of Ravello, this castle was historically known as “castrum Montalto” or “Trivento” and is mentioned as early as a document from 1131.

If the vegetation covering the structures were removed, one could trace their layout. The castle features a rectangular plan with remnants of a tower on its southern side. On the eastern side, the remains of a cistern, partly in a state of collapse, are found, which was lined with cocciopesto. The construction material primarily employed is local limestone, hewn into blocks of varying sizes, clearly sourced from the surrounding area, with easily identifiable quarries from which the stone was extracted.

This fortress, along with the attached chapel dedicated to St. Catherine, was erected to safeguard the Republic of Amalfi against potential incursions from the northern side. Throughout subsequent dominations, thanks to its strategic location, the Castle of Montalto continued to hold significant importance. Today, only a few remnants of the fortress remain, but the path leading to it offers truly breathtaking landscapes.


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