Castle of Santa Maria la Nova in Tramonti

The Castle of Santa Maria La Nova, constructed in 1457 by the Prince of Salerno, Raimondo Orsini, graces the hill of Santa Maria.

The castle boasts a rectangular layout, originally adorned with 16 towers, of which 13 still stand today. These towers are interconnected by walls constructed entirely from limestone. At its heart, a chapel venerating the Virgin Mary stands proudly.

Construction commenced around 1457, following the grant issued by Alfonso I of Naples to Prince Raimondo Orsini of Salerno on August 10, 1453. Within its walls, the castle housed various facilities, including prisons, kitchens, armories, stables, cisterns, and underground chambers. Since the 19th century, the castle has served as the municipal cemetery.

This formidable fortress boasted a rectangular layout and was fortified by imposing walls with 16 towers. Within its confines lay numerous apartments, stables, armories, and the church of Santa Maria la Nova. Today, we can only admire the remnants of the outer walls, three of the original 16 towers, and the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.


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