Furore beach

The fjord beach is Furore’s only comfortable beach. The rest of the coast is rocky and steep, and with the exception of a few footbridges and steps leading down to the sea, it’s hard to find a real beach.

But at the far end of the Furore fjord, at the foot of the old fishing village, lies this triangle of gravel and sand, dotted with rocks of varying sizes that gradually plunge into the deep, clear water.

It’s impossible to reach the beach by car: you have to leave your car in Praiano, the nearest town to Furore with better parking facilities, and then set off on foot towards the fjord. Buses, on the other hand, stop at the fjord bridge, from where you can take the stairs down to the beach. But the biggest thrill is disembarking on this small beach by boat.

The beach at Fiordo di Furore is very small (about 25 meters) and is reached by a path in the rock that leads from the bridge over the fjord on the Amalfi state road. Every year in July, an international diving competition takes place, culminating in the jump from the bridge 28 meters above the sea.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not possible to reach the beach by car, as there are no parking spaces. However, scooters are allowed to park on the main road.

The buildings that frame the beach tell of the traditions and customs of bygone days, linked not only to fishing but also to paper production: an industry that was particularly profitable thanks to the proximity of the Fiordo di Furore water.

One of the most appreciated features of this area is the temperature: thanks to the conformation of the cliffs, in fact, the sun only comes out after midday, and for this reason the heat is never excessive. In short, spending an afternoon here is a truly relaxing experience.


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Furore fjord

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