Marina Grande in Positano

Positano’s Marina Grande beach lies at the foot of the town’s famous and evocative church, the Chiesa dell’Assunta. It extends for around 300 meters and is made up of pebbles and black sand.

In summer, part of the beach is reserved for bathing establishments, while the other part is an open beach (and therefore more frequented), accessible to all.

The view from the beach is unique: on the horizon you can see the islets of “Li Galli” or “Sirenuse”. Legend has it that these are the islets where the mermaids lived, the ones who tried to enchant Ulysses with their song. Turn around and you’ll be fascinated by Positano’s colorful houses, which slope down almost to the sea, giving the impression of a small crib. The beach is lined with hotels, bars, restaurants and souvenir stores, making it one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

The charm of the town, with its stores and wonderful terraces set into the rock, is complemented by the sea, whose crystal-clear waters have often won awards from international travel sites. Thanks to its 300-metre-long beach, the resort has become an important meeting point for individuals, groups, families and even famous personalities from the international jet set.

This is Positano’s real nerve center, and anyone wishing to stay in the town can’t help but soak up some sun on this magnificent stretch of coastline; on the other hand, there are structures to suit all tastes, from bathing establishments to embarkation docks.

Que faire

The most obvious option is of course to dive into the bay’s magical blue water or relax under the warm rays of the sun, but the beach offers plenty of entertainment for all ages.

A not-to-be-missed opportunity is to set off from the pier to reach the Li Galli islands, the archipelago of the mermaids; and if you prefer a more “gastronomic” itinerary, then you can devote yourself to discovering the restaurants and clubs that, overlooking the coastline, offer the best of the coast’s regional culinary tradition.

Those wishing to make new acquaintances need only head to the beach during the day to find an umbrella neighbor to chat with or, for those with children, a playmate for their little ones.

Finally, night owls can head to Music On The Rocks, a venue built right into the rock, where they can dance and rock out to the rhythm of the hits of the moment.

Marina Grande in Positano, what to do
Marina Grande in Positano, rates


The bathing establishments on Marina Grande beach offer the possibility of reserving deckchairs and umbrellas, with packages for a few hours or for the whole day.

Travelers wishing to spend time in the Bay of Positano should be aware in advance that prices are generally higher than average, as this is a highly sought-after area that focuses on beach tourism. What’s more, in high season, prices rise considerably.

That said, to earn a place at the foot of this marvellous bay of Positano, you’ll generally have to pay no less than 25 euros a day, although sometimes it’s quite easy to come up with a rather hefty sum (40-50 euros).

Free beach

Along the Marina Grande beach, there are a few stretches of free beach for swimming without necessarily having to use the “deckchair + beach umbrella” formula.

In the vicinity of the ferry landing stage, swimming is not recommended due to the passage of boats, and is therefore ideal only if you wish to sunbathe.

Whatever your choice, one thing’s for sure: you’ll have an unforgettable vacation here!

Marina Grande in Positano, free beach
Marina Grande in Positano, how to get there

How to get there

Reaching the beach at Marina Grande is not difficult: those staying in the historic center need only descend one of the many staircases leading down to the sea.

It’s also easy to reach by car via the national highway that links all the towns in the area, but beware of the traffic, which is particularly annoying at weekends!

For a truly special trip, we recommend disembarking on the beach at Marina Grande and taking advantage of the many hydrofoil and ferry excursions available.


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