Montepertuso in Positano

Montepertuso, on the hills of the Lattari mountains that frame the vertical town of the Amalfi Coast, is a small hamlet of Positano, which can be reached by bus or car. Compared to other areas, there is good parking.

To reach Montepertuso, you can start from the path that leads to the Vallone Porto oasis, a magical place filled with waterfalls, animals and rare plants. You can then choose to climb a long flight of steps carved into the rock or a path that climbs the hill. Montepertuso is certainly the ideal destination for families as well as couples or groups of friends who love trekking and want to enjoy an intriguing walk and a unique panorama.


As well as being extremely charming and beautiful, this place has a legendary history that tells of the birth of the “pertuso” (the hole), right inside the mountain.

According to myth, centuries and centuries ago, in what is today a fraction of Positano, inside some natural caves dug into the heart of the mountain, lived people who had come from the deep East. According to legend, it was here that the devil decided to demonstrate his power and skill to the Madonna by attempting to create a hole inside the mountain, using only his own hands. However, despite his many efforts, the Devil failed in his intention.

Our Lady, moved by pity at his failure, decided to raise her hand and touch the mountain. The rock suddenly collapsed and the Devil fell into the precipice, ending up on the stones below. According to the faithful and popular mythology, the Devil’s silhouette can still be seen in the rocks today.

But that’s not the end of the story: in the middle of the night, the inhabitants were awakened by a powerful storm. As they emerged from their shelter, they saw an intense white light rising above the mountain, with a female figure at its center.

The legend describes her as a beautiful young girl, enveloped in a thousand rays of light, who, in a serene voice, said: “Do not be afraid, the devil has been defeated and his efforts against this mountain are over, for the evil spirit is destroyed. Clearly, the story refers to Mary’s voice: having defeated the Devil, she wanted to reassure the inhabitants of Montepertuso at the time.

If you’re in Positano on July 2, don’t miss one of the Amalfi Coast’s most spectacular religious festivals, which ends late into the night with lights, sounds and fireworks recalling the struggle between good and evil.

Montepertuso in Positano, legend


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