Nestled between Piano di Sorrento and the famous Sorrento, Sant’Agnello is a charming stopover on Campania’s wonderland route.

With its quiet charm, breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and rich cultural heritage, this small town is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Sant’Agnello, part of the Sorrento Peninsula, is located just before Sorrento when coming from Naples. This tiny county, one of the smallest in Campania, covers just 4 km² and has a population of around 9,000. Like the other towns on the peninsula, it sits on a tufa promontory plunging into the sea, offering spectacular views.

Sant’Agnello is a precious gem, offering calm, authenticity and breathtaking scenery. A perfect place for those wishing to explore the Sorrento Peninsula and its surroundings while staying in a peaceful and charming location.


Marinella, with its panoramic terrace, offers breathtaking views of Vesuvius and the Sorrento Coast.

A descent, either by a staircase carved into the rock or by a comfortable elevator, leads to a charming beach with a restaurant and bathing establishment. Marinella’s private beach, with its exquisite restaurant, is a true haven of peace. Beyond the resort, a path leads to a stretch of concrete where access is free. Here, you can bathe and bask in the sun, in absolute, blessed tranquility, without spending a thing. It’s a little corner of paradise where time seems suspended, an invitation to savor every moment in an idyllic, serene setting.

Colli di Fontanelle

Colli di Fontanelle, north of Sant’Agnello, reach an altitude of around 320 metres.

It marks the border between the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast, offering a spectacular natural setting. This is where you’ll find some of Sant’Agnello’s best restaurants, where local families love to come and enjoy good food, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. This is also where the road to Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi runs, one of the most beautiful panoramic roads on the peninsula, offering breathtaking views of both the Naples and Salerno golf courses.

Historical center

The center of Sant’Agnello revolves around Piazza Matteotti and Piazza Sant’Agnello, home to the eponymous parish church.

Strolling through historic districts such as Rione Angri, Rione Cappuccini and Rione Maiano is always a pleasure, offering an authentic glimpse of local life. Strolling through the narrow streets of Sant’Agnello is a real pleasure, where you can discover charming little nooks and crannies. Strolling through the narrow passageways, you suddenly find yourself on a terrace suspended above the sea, offering a magnificent view of Vesuvius. A panorama that captures the heart and delights the eyes, where natural beauty blends harmoniously with the peaceful atmosphere of the city.


Although Sant’Agnello is not as touristy as Sorrento, its tranquility and authenticity make it an ideal choice for those seeking a more authentic experience.

The majority of hotels are located along the coast, offering magnificent views. With the advent of numerous Bed and Breakfasts, the center of Sant’Agnello is beginning to welcome more tourists. Before booking accommodation in Sant’Agnello, it’s a good idea to check its location carefully. The town center is easily accessible on foot, while in higher areas such as Trasaella and the Colli di Fontanelle, a car or scooter may be necessary.

Patron saint of the town

Every year on December 14, Sant’Agnello comes alive to celebrate its patron saint, the protector of pregnant women.

This special day is marked by a deep spirituality, with expectant mothers going to church to ask for protection and a serene birth for their child. The tradition, dating back to ancient times, brought together people from all over the region to sell animals and farming tools, a custom that continues with markets mixing traditional and modern items.

Throughout December, the festive atmosphere is heightened by the sale of Christmas trees, illuminating the town with lights and colors. Beyond its religious aspect, this festival is a moment of conviviality and solidarity for the community, reflecting the spirit of sharing and the profound identity of Sant’Agnello.


: places of interest

Places of interest

Colli di fontanelle in Sant’Agnello

Places of interest

Church of Prisco and Agnello in Sant’Agnello

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