Torre dello Ziro in Scala

The Torre dello Ziro (Ziro Tower in english) is a centuries-old watchtower perched on the coastal cliffs.

The tower was initially constructed as an outpost and watchtower to safeguard against Saracen pirate attacks. Surprisingly, the local community, especially the elderly residents, seldom frequent this place. It’s likely because the tower bears a haunting history of horrifying events.

The tower’s name is said to derive from its cylindrical shape: cylindrical were the containers used to store oil and grain, which in Arabic were called “ctiri.”

In the early 16th century, Giovanna D’Aragona, the Duchess of Amalfi, and her children were imprisoned in the tower. The reason behind this grim episode was Giovanna’s alleged affair with the court butler shortly after the death of her husband, Alfonso Piccolmini, the Duke of Amalfi. The scandal was so scandalous that the Duchess’s brothers decided to lock her and her infant children in the tower, where they met a tragic end. Unsurprisingly, the locals believe the Tower to be haunted and tend to avoid it.


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