Valle delle Ferriere in Scala

The trail through the reserve leads from the Monti Lattari mountains to Amalfi, meandering through forests and streams.

Nestled within a deep valley, the Valle delle Ferriere is a natural reserve stretching amid the Scala mountains. It offers wildlife enthusiasts captivating routes amidst woodlands, Mediterranean scrub, streams, and exceptionally rare tropical plants in Italy, including the “Woodwardia radicans,” a giant fern, and the “Pinguicola hirtiflora”, an elusive insectivorous species. Adjacent to the reserve, you can explore the Cava di Scala, a cave tracing along the course of the Dragone River, renowned for its ancient dark limestone dating back to the origins of the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.

The valley enjoys a unique geographical position, sheltered by the mountains of Scala, protecting it from cold winds while open to the warm, humid southern currents, resulting in abundant rainfall over three months. This unique combination has allowed it to preserve its microclimate and, in turn, safeguard plant species from ancient eras. One notable rarity found here is the Woodwardia radicans, an exemplar of a pre-glacial period plant.

The name “Valle delle Ferriere” is derived from the medieval ironworks ruins that can be discovered along the path.

The Valle delle Ferriere is also home to a diverse array of animal species, including the fascinating spectacle of the “Salamandra con gli occhiali” (Salamander with spectacles). Along the route, you’ll encounter the ancient ironworks that supplied iron to the maritime Republic of Amalfi, which gives the valley its name.


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