Positano beaches

Positano is one of the jewels of the Amalfi Coast and has always been a prestigious vacation destination.

Already thinking about what to do on your Positano vacation? No beach holiday is complete without a trip to the sea. Sure, the hotel is great, the excursions are fantastic and the restaurants excellent. But a relaxing day in the sun, sand and sea is just what you need to rejuvenate and return home more recharged than ever.

Positano’s lidos are perfect for those who like impeccable service, thanks to the presence of well-equipped facilities such as La Scogliera, Marina Grande‘s best-known seaside resort. However, free beaches can be found in the neighborhoods of Laurito, Arienzo and Fornillo. But free beaches in summer fill up in a matter of hours, with the risk of not finding a spot by morning.

In general, for two deckchairs and a parasol, the average price is 20 euros per day, with variations depending on the establishment chosen and the location. In some cases, it’s possible to reserve a spot for as little as 15 euros, but in high season, rates rise and it’s difficult to pay less than 25 euros. In any case, the best solution is to check with bathing establishments a few months in advance to get a good price and a good location. Even better, find a hotel that offers beach service in Positano.

Positano’s beaches are also accessible by sea. If you’re lucky enough to spend a day by boat along the Amalfi Coast, you can admire them all and dive into the one you like best.

Laurito beach

Laurito beach is one of Positano’s most hidden beaches.

Access is by a flight of steps down from the small square in front of the Hotel Il San Pietro, or by taxi-boat from Positano’s main beach.

The beach is small, more like a cove. The west side consists mainly of pebbles and gravel, while the east side is made up of flat rocks on which to lie and enjoy the sun. Many tourists come to the area for diving and water sports such as snorkeling, given the presence of numerous species of flora and fauna.

Laurito beach, set in a cove, takes its name from a plant called lauro (laurel), which is very common in the area. Two restaurants on the beach treat tourists to traditional Neapolitan dishes.

Positano beaches, Laurito
Positano beaches, Arienzo

Arienzo beach

Arienzo beach is also known as the beach of three hundred steps, because of the number of steps you have to climb to get there.

It’s a suggestive flight of steps from which you can peek into the gardens of some of the Amalfi Coast’s most luxurious villas, including that of Franco Zeffirelli, who used to host several international jetsetters here. Thanks to its favorable south-western exposure, this is the Positano beach where the sun sets latest.

At Arienzo there are two sides with free access and one with private access, with a restaurant and sun lounger and parasol rental service. Arienzo beach in Positano is accessible by car, bus and sea. If you’re arriving by car, once you’ve passed the center of Positano, continue in the direction of Amalfi, after about a kilometer you’ll find the Hotel San Pietro, from where the stairs to Laurito start. After about 800 m, you’ll find the stairs to Arienzo beach. You can park on the straight line between the two towns.

By public transport, the Sita bus stops at Laurito and Arienzo. Flavio Gioia buses leave from the center of Positano. A shuttle service is available from Positano’s Marina Grande beach to the main beach at Praiano.

Marina Grande beach

Positano’s Marina Grande beach is the main beach of this beautiful town, overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

The beach enjoys a privileged location close to the town center. Access is via the narrow streets that lead down from the town center to the sea, past artisan stores selling typical local products: fabrics, clothing, handmade sandals and ceramics.

Positano’s Marina Grande beach, around 400 meters long and over 70 meters wide, is mainly pebbled, while the central part is dark, medium-grained sand.

The sea is blue-green, very transparent, with a shallow, gently sloping seabed.

Positano beaches, Marina Grande
Positano beaches, Fornillo

Fornillo beach

A romantic stroll from Positano’s little port leads to Fornillo beach.

A perfect spot for those looking for a quieter, more peaceful beach than Marina Grande.

The beach is small, made up of sand mixed with pebbles and light-colored gravel, and can be reached on foot with a ten-minute stroll along a small road from Positano harbor.

From here, you can admire the ancient watchtower: Torre Trasita, now a residence, built in the 16th century by order of the viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples.


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